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The Actors Class Showcase 

The Actors Class Showcase 2018

Date: Thursday 25th October 

Time: 1pm - 2pm 

Venue: Soho Theatre, Downstairs 

We are thrilled to announce that the full Showcase Cast of 2018 have now been signed. 

Industry Quotes below from the 2017/18 Showcases:



"It is such a thrill to teach the students of Mary Doherty's Actors Class and then see them perform their Showcase. They are an extraordinary bunch of talented individuals and the future looks incredibly bright with this lot coming through.

I am flattered and honoured to be a Patron of The Actors Class. They are an open hearted, multi talented, ambitious, fresh and highly skilled group of performers. They deserve all the sunshine and Mary Doherty is truly inspirational in her commitment to them. It is a vital course."

Nick Bagnall - Associate Director Liverpool Everyman & Patron

"Mary Doherty recently invited a considerable number of people from the profession to see actors perform sections from plays and audition pieces.  The Actors worked with her in her company to create the event that we witnessed. The turnout was big. And It was a Showcase that was excellently conceived…..the pieces followed one from another with no break, so energy stayed high throughout. And the energy was remarkable. The Actors were clearly totally comitted to Mary’s process as they were to the profession they were seeking work from; and it was a reminder and a warning to us watching, that there is a lot of talent out there, often just starting out, that has no voice until we offer them one. These workshops & courses have very clearly done that.

Of course there are not enough parts. Of course money is scarce in a government that is laughably off course with its views on core funding. But this company has navigated a course through all that and survived. It was a strong event, and it didn't crowd fund…. It simply put these young performers in front of us and  asked us to watch them, as the likelihood of us coming across them in normal work life was limited. And that is an impressive achievement. I hope very much that the company continues to thrive…its been going only five years…as it is clearly a vital lifeline for some great talent."

John Dove - Director

"The Actors Class Showcase delivers extremely high quality talent every single year and is always a joy to watch. I have been consistently impressed by the level of talent at each Showcase I've attended and it is one I absolutely would not miss."

Ollie Campbell - Byrons Management 


"The Actors Class delivers an extremely high calibre of showcase.  We were not only very impressed by the students' performance abilities, but also by the appropriateness of their contemporary monologue and duologue choices in relation to their casting types.  A well chosen central location with great opportunities for chatting to students afterwards. We have been very pleased to interview several of the students following the showcase".

The Actors File


"I throughly enjoyed The Actors Class Showcase. It was filled with great scenes and really talented actors, I will definitely be attending next year."

Elizabeth Fergusson - Hamilton Hodell 


"2017 was my first year attending The Actors Class showcase and I was stunned by the outstanding amount of talent on show. 

Each student chose two contrasting pieces complimenting their strengths which showed both diversity and a huge amount of commitment to the industry.

Mary is an absolute credit to the students, nurturing and developing them so they are pro-active and skilled actors, equipped for long lasting careers."

Bex Elliff - CAM


"The Actors Class showcase was really a cut above. Showcases can occasionally be awful - long, arduous events where actors are under rehearsed, unsupported and poorer for it. This had a totally different vibe. Really good moments lifted from new plays all performed in recent memory, and picked to bolster those few individual actors. I’ve already put two actors from the group onto my shortlists for a production in the Spring, and have the others stowed away for a rainy day."

Josh Roche

Director (JMK Award Winner) 

"The calibre of performance showcased at The Actors Class is enough to rival some of the UK’s most renowned drama schools. A brilliant place to find some exciting young talent!"

Charlie Royce - Cole Kitchenn


"The Actors Class 2017 showcased a group of brilliant high calibre artists. The scenes were delicately picked to suit each actor and highlight their strengths and cast-ability. The showcase itself ran smoothly and the professionalism of the actors and Mary was a delight."

Freya Nelson - Simon & How


"The Actors Class always seems to produce fantastic talent. We have attended a couple of showcases and we are never disappointed with what we see. Mary Doherty does an amazing job of nurturing, coaching and mentoring up and coming talent and we look forward to snapping up more talent from The Actors Class in the coming years!" 

PMA London 


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