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"Regardless of whatever stage you're at in your career - The Actors Class has something for you. Mary brings something truly unique to her Actor training; she's endlessly enthusiastic, supportive and a fountain of Industry knowledge, creating diverse courses and classes that cover the Industry from top to bottom. Her mentoring is second to none. From the moment I entered the class she has been with me every step of the way in my career and still continues to be. Her training has not only helped to develop my skills as an actress, but also empowered me with invaluable knowledge of all aspects of the industry needed for a sustainable career. Her classes are filled with like-minded and passionate people, all of whom I am proud to call my contemporaries. I cannot promote or recommend The Actors Class enough. It's changed my life."

Louise Waller - Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced & Industry Course

"The Actors Class has been both professionally and personally the most rewarding training I have ever done. The Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced courses are responsible for restoring my passion back into acting and moulding who I am as an Actor. It is an environment where an Actor can feel both safe but also thrive, be brave and push yourself in ways that you didn't think you were capable of. The training The Actors Class can provide has proven more successful than any drama school or other institution could have been for me. The Showcase is and will be the most precious opportunity I have had in my career so far and I am beyond grateful to Mary for allowing me to be a part of such a talented cast and a brilliant Showcase. I will always carry so much pride in saying that I trained with The Actors Class. There are not enough words in the english language to do The Actors Class justice."

Emily Coates - Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced & Industry Course

"The Actors Class Industry Showcase has been the best adventure of my Acting Career so far. Having started at Foundation, an uncertain unconfident actor, working through the Intermediate and Advanced Courses, learning how to open up, be present and giving towards my classmates, meant that the Showcase was the best culmination of all those Courses and that I was fighting fit as an Actor.

Learning each and every week from an incredible room of Actors who will undoubtable fly in their own careers. Their bravery and talent only nurtured by Mary and her ability to make each of us shine on our own paths is something magical to behold. I can't quite believe I have Agents asking me to be on of their books, plus, to have been seen by some of the biggest names in the Industry means I feel that I am ready to start working. Mary works tirelessly for us and goes above and beyond what we expect from her and I cannot thank her enough. 

I am confident in myself, my craft, in my knowledge of the Industry, and now know that I'll always be learning. 

Not only has Mary shaped my Acting in a technical way she has also giving me the best opportunity to support my career; by making me her Assistant. This is the most valuable job I've ever had; not only do I love it (always a plus for the Actors 'other' job) I am constantly learning about the acting world from a business perspective. Mary's a sense of drive and purpose and how she carved out the journeys of the students is infectious. I can't thank her enough for the privilege of being her Assistant. I would not be where I am today without the Showcase team, The Actors Class family and Mary. Thank you."

Evie Beaven - Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced & Industry Course

The Actors Class Assistant

"Three years after graduating from Drama School I was craving the regularity of learning to such a high standard; to be able to explore the craft even further. The Actors Class fulfilled that for me and more. I became part of the most supportive company that were sheer joy to be around each week. Constantly learning, constantly stretching myself as well as having an incredible time. Mary's direction is so in tune to each individual member, her energy is fearless and flawless and I have learnt so much from her. I can't recommend The Actors Class enough. I feel so, so privileged to have been a part of it. It truly is something special."

Evie Tyler - Advanced & Industry Course


"The Actors Class picked me up when I needed it most. It has given me skills as an Actor that I won't be able to forget. I would say Mary is a teacher but I think she's more than that. She's a mentor. She somehow, even with over 300 students, manages to pick out each person individually, and train them to become a better Actor. Mary doesn't clone each person to become an 'Actors Class' Actor, she takes your quirks and individuality and uses it, celebrates it even! Taking your uniqueness and pushes it to make you the best Actor you can be. Not what everyone else thinks you should be. Once you have completed all the courses, you are not left on your own. There is a pool of members keeping in contact. Inspiring each other. Not only that but workshop days are held, and the learning continues. 

If you are an actor, wanting to learn in a weekly safe environment, then I (and probably every other Actors Class member) can guarantee that you will learn the most you've learnt in the space of 10 weeks. Do The Actors Class. It's the best decision you can make for your career but also as a person."

Jess Revell - Intermediate & Advanced Course 














"Like many Alumni, I originally heard about The Actors Class through a friend who'd also heard about it from a friend. You see, that's how good The Actors Class actually is- It's quality of training speaks for itself. You don't see adverts popping up on the side of your screens telling you to go and join; you hear about it through word of mouth, from a friend or someone you respect. It's like the best kept actor-training secret in London... only you're in on it."

Reuben Beau Davies - Advanced & Industry Course

"The 30 weeks I spent at The Actors Class was well and truly the best 30 weeks of training I have ever had. I basically lived for my Saturdays, when I could come and be trained by the best and be working with some of the best actors I know! Mary is without a shadow of a doubt the most supportive, honest, knowledgeable and of course fun loving tutor I have had the pleasure of working with and I owe her everything. In fact I can't really talk about her without going a bit fangirl. Without her, I would not have the confidence and ability that I have today! Every session I came away excited, motivated and inspired for the next week and for my future career. I still use the notes I wrote in Actors Class sessions whilst in my training now! I even have The Actors Class manifesto framed in my room at Drama School and I am so not ashamed of that... The Actors Class has also given me the opportunity to meet Industry Professionals who I never even thought I would get to be in a room with so I could not be more thankful. All those hours spent on the Megabus to London was completely worth it!! If I could do it all again right now, I would - In a heartbeat!"

Amelia Landon - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course

"Becoming a member of The Actors Class has changed my life. Mary has an unbelievable ability to identify what each actor in the room's unique needs are, and to work with you to extract and pump up your strengths. In each of my three groups (foundation, intermediate and advanced), Mary created a room with a really nurturing environment. I learned so much by watching my amazing peers grow. The encouragement everyone gives each other and the generosity of the other actors in the room made me feel really safe to experiment, fail and - eventually - fly! Moving through the Industry now - To auditions, meetings, going to shows, workshops etc - feels a completely different, friendly and fun experience because I know chances are I'll usually see a friendly someone from The Actors Class network wherever I go. Guest workshops with special practitioners were a fantastic experience of getting to grips with the different ways in which people work, whilst gaining expert insider knowledge on different parts of the industry. Basically it's the best. From working in a charity behind a desk with my acting on a low burner, I have now become a full time Actor and Director. Loving life!! And I would genuinely lay my thanks for that with Mary, Evie and The Actors Class."

Rebekah Murrell - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course


"My time training at The Actors Class, under Mary Doherty, was, and will always be priceless to me. When I first started her classes, I had no idea how far I could push myself as an actor – how much I could commit to a text and a character, how I could get out of my head and give truthful, honest performances. I have had the most incredible, confidence-building journey with Mary and am incredibly indebted to her for my experience. Mary is a genius, she is legendary, she unknowingly makes you proud of yourself; she pushes you and challenges you and is one of the best directors I have ever worked with. Her understanding of texts, and of people in general, is extraordinary. She knows exactly how to help you to improve, how to get to the bottom of a text and to connect to a piece. Her advice and industry knowledge is invaluable; she is full to the brim with golden nuggets of tips and inspiration. Mary’s training, commitment to the class and its students, her advice, belief and trust in you, as an actor, as a person is worth its weight in gold. She provides a space for you to fail, to be brave, to be impulsive and to be brilliant. The training is flawless. The Actors Class is more than just a class, it’s a network of creatives, it is a family. Each individual has their own strength and it is a pleasure to watch Mary work with them to bring the best of themselves out. I owe Mary so much, she has truly changed my life for the better. I have more confidence in my ability and craft than I ever have, and have met the most astounding, creative individuals. I have landed some really exciting work and it is all down to Mary. She is a fearless leader, a visionary, a brilliant artist and one hell of an exceptional teacher. I will sing the praises of Mary and the Actors Class for as long as I work in the industry."

Alex James Britt - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course

"Before The Actors Class I had all the passion and drive for acting, but nowhere to channel it. I wasn't sure what my 'next step' should be to create a sustainable career. Training at The Actors Class has not only helped me developed my skills and craft as a performer, but has opened my eyes to the workings of the industry. There is a strong focus on the more business side of acting - how to market and present yourself, how to recognise your casting, and how to get on those first few steps of the ladder. 

Training at The Actors class has been invaluable to me and I wouldn't be where I am today with out it. I was so nervous before the first class, but I have learnt how to really let go and challenge myself within an environment of true support from both Mary and fellow students. I cannot recommend it enough!"

Willy Hudson - Intermediate, Advanced & Industry Course 

"Working with The Actors Class has kick started my career in an incredible way. I had the pleasure of training with Mary on the Advanced and the Industry courses, the latter culminating in a Showcase at The Tristan Bates. 

The connections that are made through these courses are invaluable and the support from Mary herself and fellow actors you work with is great. 

I found a new way of working that I thoroughly enjoyed, brushed up on existing skills, made new ones and gained confidence in myself. On top of all of this The Actors Class is affordable, which is something that for me, was important. 

Since finishing the courses I have signed with an agent, had several big auditions, made connections with Directors, Casting Directors and Producers and am part of a great support network that is The Actors Class Alumni"

Rob Dukes - Advanced & Industry Course 


"Mary really helped me regain confidence in myself and my ability. The Actors Class was a safe, supportive place for me to be brave and push myself to the next level. I had the opportunity to work with 2 amazing groups of people, firstly through the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced courses and then the Industry course, all the way through we were able to work at our own pace and everyone had their breakthrough which was celebrated. Mary is there for me through every stage with advice, support and love and I couldn’t ask for a better mentor!"

Libby O'Leary - Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced & Industry Course 

"I joined The Actors Class in the Summer of 2015, before then I had somewhat stagnated, I didn't know what the next move to make was. Joining The Actors Class and training under Mary's leadership gave me a whole new lease of life as an Actor. Mary showed a real belief in myself as an actor, which led to an increase in my own confidence. The Actors Class challenged me to study different styles, develop my craft and to also enhance my own personal energy as an actor that makes each of us unique. The Actors Class encourages you to play in the moment, allows you to make mistakes and push the boundaries that force you to connect with your character in a way that you never have before. The Actors Class has also made me more savvy to the business side of the industry, building up contacts and my knowledge of how to deal with agents, directors and casting directors. The Showcase Company allows you to work alongside a collective group of actors who share a passion for the industry, which in turn increases your passion. Throughout my training as an Actor I have never been taught by anybody more dedicated, driven, and passionate than Mary, someone who gives advice and guidance that's specific and personal to each actor. Training with The Actors Class has played an invaluable part in boosting my career, an experience I won't forget, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend."

Max Hallam - Advanced & Industry Course 

"Upon first joining The Actors Class, I was nervous-I didn't know what to expect out of weekly classes and what I was going to gain. But after my first class I knew this place was special. After each session I found myself learning, either from the amazing teachers we had or others around me, sometimes learning most from watching each other's mistakes or successes. Week in week out I felt I was becoming a more intelligent actor. I had worked previously to joining The Actors Class and already had an Agent, but my reason for being there was to learn and develop myself. Being in an environment surrounded by like minded people who want to learn and support each other was the best thing. Feeling like it was okay to make mistakes because you were learning in such a supportive environment and every time I came out of a class I felt on top of the world and ready to smash any auditions or roles that came my way. It was nice to be able to learn about such diverse practitioners week to week and be brought out of my comfort zone, which doesn't happen enough, to enhance my performance. Some weeks I warmed to the ideas and techniques, that I had learnt in class more than other weeks - But that was the greatest thing, as it aloud me to decide what methods I prefer using and then implement parts from each week in to my own method of prep for auditions, shows , self tapes etc. Something which I had never been able to do on my own.  I have completed all three courses and can say I had the most amazing time. But I still go to the Alumni workshops and they are another great way of getting back into a learning environment. The "T.V Casting" and "A Day on Set"  workshops were eye opening, I highly recommend them. 

I had always strived to find a place where I could go each week to train and keep working at my craft, I found it here.  I believe no matter if you have been to drama school, or if you haven't, if you have worked on a huge film, or performed at The National, no matter how experienced you are, or whether you really love acting and want to give it a crack finally,  'The Actors Class' is for anyone who wants to learn and keep refining their craft in an exciting and supportive environment. You can never know enough as an actor and that's why I think an opportunity like this is important to take advantage of. 

I would like to thank Mary Doherty for all her hard work in putting it together, also for offering support to the hundreds of members. Offering her time, advise and support to everyone is what makes The Actors Class so genuine and special. 

Go and do them. Now!"

Ross McCormack - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"Working with Mary was the beginning, the start of my Professional development as a working Actor. Mary’s teaching is so full of expression and freedom. She is a totally unique, powerhouse of a teacher, one who provides you with individual care. Before I began working with Mary week in week out, I wanted to be an actor, but through Mary’s teaching and support I feel like I can navigate the Industry and make my first steps as a Professional. She’s a maestro and I feel totally lucky to have worked with her. She’s a flawless professional and she equips you with the tools to become the same, as long as you apply yourself to the work. Mary gives you the confidence to try, it’s a privilege to work with her. I can’t recommend it highly enough! Go and do it."

Guy Hodge - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"Mary is by far the most talented and inspiring coach and mentor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. If it was not for the The Actors Class, I would not still be working in the Industry today. Mary creates a unique workshop environment in which you feel completely safe and supported to push yourself and leave that comfort zone behind. Mary's understanding of each individual actor is remarkable, she knows exactly how to push YOU, and get the best out of YOU, in exactly the right way for YOU, her personal approach to her training is what makes The Actors Class like no other. If I could go back and do it all over again I would. I carry Mary's lessons with me to every audition, every job, and I genuinely have her to thank for every step forwards I've taken since then."

Sally Collett - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"I have never encountered a coach like Mary Doherty. She genuinely invests in bringing out the best in actors and has the most supportive attitude.  She understands everyone’s unique goals and tailors her mentorship to you. The mixture of theatre techniques, screen work and industry workshops gave me a balance of training that reflected the evolving nature of our business. Without The Actors Class I would not be working professionally today with the knowledge and drive of what it takes to work in this Industry. It’s a special team to be a part of and I recommend it where ever I go. Do it. "

Lauren Lyle - Advanced & Industry Course 


“The Actors Class offers you the opportunity to learn from one of the most forward thinking and inspiring actors and teachers I have had the privilege of working with- Mary.  Alongside this the workshops with practitioners and skills you learn plus all the experience that you gain was personally invaluable.  It was so refreshing to be on a course in which all that is promised, is delivered and that goes above and beyond expectations.”

Hannah Hutch - Advanced & Industry Course 

"I had an incredibly transformative time at The Actors Class and am very proud to be part of the Alumni. I remember doing the commercial workshop and then booking an advert the very next week!  Honestly, joining the Actors Class family has made the world of difference to my confidence and drive as a performer. The word 'invaluable' gets bandied about a lot, but deciding to send Mary my CV was the catalyst to a pretty phenomenal shift in my approach to work and the industry. I was encouraged to be braver and bolder every week in the lovely, safe bubble that is the Courtyard Theatre. Can I do it all over again?!"

Alice Brittain - Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"Working with Mary has been a breath of fresh air. She teaches fearlessness and self belief; qualities that as young Actors are crucial to survive and thrive within the Industry. Mary has created a dependable family of creatives that support and encourage each other, both in the safety of the room where risk taking is celebrated and far beyond where friendships and professional relationships are cemented and explored. It goes without saying that the content she delivers is current and quite frankly invaluable.  But it's her faith, love and boundless energy that she puts into every student that is so evident and what makes her teaching so wonderfully unique."

Gabrielle Nellis-Pain - Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"My time spent training with the Actors Class was invaluable. Mary is one of the most encouraging and infectiously positive acting coaches I have ever worked with. I came out of every class feeling challenged, supported and invigorated. She has a unique talent - she views each person individually, quickly picking up on what it is they need in order to develop into a stronger actor. Her approach is one that is open, detailed and well informed. Not only were the classes brilliant for technique and strengthening everyone's individual abilities, but also for gaining an insight into the industry. Mary's working knowledge (as well as the practitioners she brought in to run sessions) provided me with a platform no other training opportunity has given me - a good understanding of how to become a part of this industry. After two courses, I came out not only a stronger actress with a much clearer sense of my capabilities, but also with a plan of how to make a success of this career. If I could repeat the 20 weeks I spent training with her again... I honestly would!"

Zoe Zak - Intermediate, Advanced & Industry Course 

"The Actors Class is much more than a once-a-week workshop: it's a support network, a rigorous preparation for the industry, and a toolbox of techniques and skills that will last you a lifetime. The growing success of The Actors Class and its Alumni is a testament to Mary's phenomenal leadership: she understands your strengths and weaknesses and encourages you to challenge yourself every week. It's the one Course I recommend to everyone wanting to be an Actor; the teaching, the breakthroughs I had and the perspective it gave me on the Industry have proved invaluable."

Caitlin McEwan - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course

"A friend told me about The Actor's Class and the recommendation changed my life.  I hadn't gotten into Drama School and my confidence was knocked so I wanted to keep learning. The Actors Class was even better than i anticipated. The content was stimulating and detailed and Mary was hugely warm and inspiring. She really cares about your development as a student but also, somehow, finds the time to get to know you individually and your needs/strengths/weaknesses. There are lots of wicked oppurtunities to work with other industry professionals on certain weeks and you get an insight into a variety of parts of the industry. It's definitely useful for actors at any stage of their journey into this career. I savoured every moment, worked within a lovely group of people and owe Mary huge amounts for my current place at Drama School- she renagaged both my passion and my confidence. GET YOURSELF ON THE LIST NOW!!!"

Michaela Wilkinson - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"The Actors Class is by far the best training that I have received. Each course covers such a wide variety of subjects from practitioners to puppetry, acting through song to audition technique, it really is a whole lot more than just an acting course. Another huge plus is the diversity of actors who are in each class, spanning from a large array of different backgrounds and ages which gives a better understanding and feel of the industry as a whole. But the best part of The Actors Class is Mary, the founder, who instantly creates a safe and comfortable space, yet pushing and stretching you without you realising. Even after finishing the courses years ago I still feel able to ask her questions and get support in all aspects of the industry. Whether a beginner or an experienced actor The Actors Class is an amazing place to learn and grow and has been invaluable to me as an Actor."

Josh Evans - Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced & Industry Course 

"Looking back at when I first started the Foundation Course, I can't believe how far I've come. Not only have I developed as an Actress, but I've been able to work with amazing directors, understand how to apply practitioners to any audition situation or script and I've made solid friendships that will last a lifetime. I would advise any Actor, at any stage of their career, to take part in this amazing journey from Foundation right through to Advanced. It's invaluable!"

Emma Jones - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"The Actors Class is 100% THE course to do for all emerging ACTORS!! 

I leave every single lesson feeling like I've grown as an actor, it bridges the gap between the actor and the Industry in a way that no other course I've ever done has. My life has most definitely changed because of The Actor's Class and now I walk into every audition knowing that I have what it takes to get the role. I cannot even begin to thank Mary enough for everything she and this course has done for me, I am happy and confident with where I am as an actor. I owe that to The Actors Class."

Chioma Nwalioba - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"Joining The Actors Class in 2016 was extremely daunting, particularly when I hadn't been to Drama school and didn't have much experience under my belt. However, having been recommended to join from a few Alumni, I felt motivated and positive to jump straight in and try leave all my inhibitions behind.  This was hard; I would be lying if I said it wasn't, but, this class was the catalyst to believing in myself and has turned me into the performer I am proud to call myself today. The vast variety of classes gives space for you to learn something new, improve on techniques, develop skills, but most of all, play with your fellow actors. Each week is tough in its own respect but knowing that you're in a safe environment, you will feel encouraged to open up and experiment. I felt incredibly supported by my classmates, the space and by Mary, who will become a mentor to anyone who embarks on this journey. She is certainly one of mine. I can't thank The Actors Class enough for everything it's taught me; I will never forget the laughs, the tears and the playground on which beautiful memories were made."

Jess Speller - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 


"Joining The Actors Class was the best decision I made. Like most in the Industry we can go through ups and downs and it picked me up when I really needed it! I call it my Acting Gym, I get to 'work out' my acting skills with other like minded talents and create, learn and be inspired every week. Thanks to Mary, I feel I am a stronger, more knowledgeable and a braver Actress. Ps.. You also make friends for life!"

Steph Summers - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"The Actors Class has truly been the best thing that I have done for my acting career! I never went to drama school- so the tools, techniques and Mary's unique touch on directing and teaching has helped develop and evolve me as an actor. Since working with Mary I have developed a confidence in not only my acting, but also my writing and directing. Mary is a truly wonderful lady and she creates the safest atmosphere in a room and has such a wonderful unique ability to really focus on you individually in a class of other actors. With Mary's help I also understand myself as an actor in a more business sense- and have since learnt how to sell myself as an actor to agents and casting directors. THANK YOU MARY!"

Sulin Hasso - Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"It took me 4 years to finally get a place at drama school and I would be lying if I said that going to the Actors Class and meeting Mary didn't play a big part in this. It provided me with encouragement and support to grow in confidence as well as a chance weekly to work on my craft which was invaluable. I can't recommend it enough."

Helena Antoniou - Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced & Industry Course 

"The Actors Class is the best actor training I have ever had. Mary creates such a safe and supportive space in her classes, which is invaluable. I am a different Actor now to the one I was when I began."

Darcey James - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"Training at The Actors Class is a brilliant idea for any Actor in the Industry. It certainly was for me.  If you are just starting out or even long into your career, it is a great place for you to be back in a room with like minded people, practising the craft.  It has a wide range of Workshops that will push you in every way you want. You will also work with and meet fantastic people in the Industry. The Actors Class becomes a family and I would recommend it to anyone."

Katie Turner - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"The Actors Class is one of very few accessible acting courses in London made unique by Actress Mary Doherty being its Founder and active teacher at the heart of it all. Mary has found a way to combine techniques, tools and advice that she herself follows, which keeps her courses up-to-date and relevant for all its members. The Actors Class Alumni are proof that one doesn't need drama school to pursue a career in acting, therefore I highly recommend it for anyone who is serious about honing their talents in a creative, safe and fun environment. Mary is great, the workshops are great and the people these courses attract are, well, great! We all wish we could do it all again so get involved! 

Carlotta Cutrupi - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"The Actors Class is a superb course of training for Actors whatever their level of experience. Mary Doherty has an abundance of energy, passion and knowledge and always gives 200%. The progression of sessions within the course covers a broad structure of key techniques and writers, tailored to the individual group, and Mary also brings in guest teachers and directors: contacts from her own long list of credits as an Actress. She has an uncanny ability to think up new exercises and methods of teaching on the spot, for a specific student or situation, and to know exactly which approach is necessary to get the best out of her students. So much is packed into the sessions that you are whisked through a range of tasks and out of your comfort zone without having time to think about it, which can lead to some of your best work… and the confidence that you are capable of it. Her enthusiasm is such that there was hardly ever a class that didn't overrun! My group used to head for lunch at the local café after each session and chat for several hours, often reflecting on the session we'd just had, and I think this cohesiveness was in part down to Mary’s emphasis on group support and encouragement: facilitating a ‘safe’ environment in which students can play and try new things without judgment and learn from each other. The popularity of the course is, most of all, testament to the rapport she builds with each student: her ability to nurture and encourage, her enthusiasm, and her belief in the ability of each individual. I started on The Actors Class Intermediate Course a couple of years ago, and it not only expanded my skillset but improved my confidence tremendously, both within auditions and just in general. I have since met people in various settings - from auditions to a shoot for a commercial to receptionist temp work(!) - who are equally effusive in their praise of Mary and the course. I frequently recommend it to anyone and everyone I meet. If you are considering applying for The Actors Class... do it! You won't regret it!

Anne White - Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"I feel immensely lucky to have discovered The Actors Class after overhearing some friends raving about the experience and wondering what I was missing out on. Mary is a hugely supportive teacher and has clearly put a lot of care and attention into planning each week's class. The classes are well constructed to open you up to various different acting techniques in to order to develop your skills and confidence as an actor whilst also giving you the knowledge you need to work in the Industry. She also has the gift of a great teacher to identify what personal guidance might work for each individual to push you out of your comfort zone in order to surprise yourself in your performances. I always found the classes a very supportive and friendly group to work with making it bittersweet to come to the end of the 30 week programme."

Gideon Raeburn - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"Each class challenged, inspired and pushed me to work harder and be braver. Mary is one of those rare teachers who genuinely wants you to reach your full potential and won't stop until you have. Its not only a great training but its also an invaluable support network where your peers are constantly raising the bar and encouraging you to do the same. In each session I learnt about new techniques and tools which have in a really practical sense improved my work. It can sometimes feel difficult to be positive and proactive when trying to make your way in a very competitive industry but Mary, with her invaluable knowledge, is there is there to show you how you can and should take control of your career. I find myself going into auditions now being match fit, purely due to the lessons I learnt at The Actor Class, an ethos that once you've been a part of won't ever leave you.

Anna Piper - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"The Actors Class has improved so much for me both professionally and personally. I've had the opportunity to push myself in a safe, supportive environment, and to make friends with people as passionate about the craft as I am. The course is really unique, and Mary's dedication to each individual student is truly commendable - every performer is nurtured and taught with the utmost respect. As a professional, I've learnt good habits and useful techniques, but on a personal level the course has given me more confidence in myself and a positive outlook day-to-day. I have and will continue to recommend it to everyone I know!"

Grace Hogg-Robinson - Intermediate & Advanced Course

"Joining The Actors Class is, without a doubt, one of the best career decisions I have made as an Actor. Mary and all the guest teachers are at the forefront of their field and teach with absolute care and dedication. Actors have the chance to learn and practice their craft, but also learn the crucially important business side of the Industry. The Actors Class is a challenging, fun, and hugely enriching way to train. I cannot recommend it highly enough!"

Shea Hall - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"I can safely say I would 100% recommend The Actors Class. Over my year of training with Mary, not only did my confidence build, but so did my knowledge of the Industry. Not only is she super fun and encouraging, but she pushes you to be the best you can be. She is still there for me 2 years after finishing the course. I wish I could go back and do it all again!"

Faye Dernham - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"The Actors Class is more than a drama school, it teaches us how to be professional actors in the working world."

John Pritchard - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"The Actors Class taught me so much, both about acting and the reality of the acting industry. Doing these workshops gave me huge motivation, stronger skills and a new focus on acheiving my goals."

Sam Gibbons - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"The Actors Class changed my life. That simple. Mary’s such an amazingly talented and positive person, and the guest tutors she gets in are world class.

There’s nothing quite like it in London that gives you a solid and varied acting training, as well as industry knowledge, and practical tips and tricks from actors, directors, and casting directors who are successfully working in the industry.

After a fairly unhappy experience at drama school, I did the The Actors Class from foundation through to industry showcase, and it helped me with technique, confidence, knowledge of plays and the industry, and focus - not to mention being where I met some of my best friends, and closest contacts and collaborators. People in my class have gone on to land great agents, and be cast in everything from fringe plays to leads in Disney shows, and it’s been a large factor in the success I’ve had so far in my fledgling career. If you’re thinking of taking The Actors Class then do it. You won’t regret it!"

Jack Silver - Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced & Industry Course 

"The Actors Class educates you in the most healthy way possible as an actor, to recognise that you are always learning. The impeccably high standard of all of the students that Mary culminates enables you to learn continually off one another in the most mutually supportive environment I have ever trained in. Mary's knowledge seems inexhaustible, and her teaching is entirely unique for each performer, eking out the best in all of us. The praise for The Actors Class and for Mary is entirely unanimous. Mary's career as an actress is inspiring in itself, this alongside her emphasis on being your own businessman, and her generous and impassioned lessons, has made me feel satisfied, creative, eager and confident in my tools as an actress. I am yet to find a member of the wonderful alumni who hasn't found these classes completely transformative and unique, both in it's approach to the work, and the industry. I consider myself fortunate to have had a weekly class of such a high-calibre. I cannot recommend The Actors Class enough."      

Abbey Gillett - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"Attending The Actors Class has been the best creative decision I have ever made. Having completed the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced courses, I highly recommend attendance. The main reason for my recommendation is Mary Doherty. Mary is a skilled teacher and mentor who tailors the training to each individual’s needs.  You will obtain a large amount of material for auditions, a clear understanding of who you are as a performer, your casting type and practical steps to take to achieve your goals. You will be offered a safe environment to explore and push yourself further than ever before. The classes are fantastic value for money and different payment options make it accessible to all. Mary has a unique skill of confidence building, allowing all her students to achieve their full potential. In an industry which can be mystifying at times, Mary will help you obtain the knowledge and skills required to have the best possible chance of becoming a working actor."

Collette Fraser - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"Love, safety, warmth, joy, excitement, laughter, comfort, learning and friendship are just a few words that I could use to describe The Actors Class. Every session you are pushed to reach your full potential through engaging methods of training, layered with lots of care and support too. Mary brings in a wealth of knowledge and experience from the industry that has proven to be invaluable to me in my development as an actor. It is very rare that you find a class with such a strong support network, where everybody is encouraging each other to be the best they can be. I have no doubt in my mind that without this class I would not be as confident working in the industry as a professional actor. When my friends ask for recommendations for places to train, The Actors Class is always the first place I say. I am incredibly grateful for my experience here and I would not have changed it for the world."

Alistair Wilkinson - Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"My wonderful training with The Actors Class included the Advanced and the Showcase Course with Mary - I could not speak more highly of the training. Every week I learnt a valuable lesson and was pushed to be brave, playful and confident. The Showcase gave me an opportunity to be seen by incredible members of the industry that I would have struggled to been seen by elsewhere. Mary's training helped me to get into the BA Acting degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and I couldn't thank The Actors Class enough!"

Jess Brindle - Advanced & Industry Course 

"Mary opened my eyes to what I could accomplish with my acting. From day one on the Foundation Course right through to the final Advanced Class and now Alumni, she has challenged each of us to push ourselves and dare to risk. I feel I now have the tools to work in this industry, with the knowledge to find and create work that excites me. The whole Actors Class network is something to be excited about, the guest directors we worked with were diverse and took away the fear of stepping in a casting room when we've already worked with someone from The Globe or National Theatre. I'd recommend The Actors Class to anyone and wouldn't hesitate to repeat it all again. I will forever be grateful I found them!"

Kerri McGrath - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"As a new actor starting out in this industry The Actors Class was a lifeline that offered me training, support and advice to help teach me how to build a path into an industry which can feel pretty impossible to enter into. It provided me with a wide variety of training which gave me a solid foundation of knowledge that I now draw from in my professional work. The classes ranged from people that had been to drama school, that were applying or for those like me that were professional actors that had not been to drama school yet wanted to receive industry and acting training/advice to progress in their career. Mary creates such a positive, creative atmosphere like no other teacher I’ve worked with. Her energy in a room inspires and challenges you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and trust your gut instinct. I think everyone should have a dose of Mary Doherty in there life, whatever stage you are at in your career I would recommend The Actors Class."

Megan Burke - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"The Actors Class is such an important resource for actors today. Mary's skills at working WITH her students to bring out their best work, and pushing them each week to expand their capabilities, is truly unparalleled. The industry knowledge that Mary passes on is so helpful in re-aligning what can be a very confusing and foggy career path - it helped me a huge amount in re-establishing my confidence and drive to get myself out there in the industry. Each week is different, but you're always in a safe space to explore and push yourself beyond what you think you're capable of. I can't thank Mary enough for the lessons and advice she's given me."

Alex Marlow - Advanced Course 

"When I arrived at the actors class, I had been out of drama school for 5 years and was, to put it lightly, in need of inspiration. I'd lost my spark and my enthusiasm for my career. After a year of hard knocks, I needed a pick me up. The Actors Class delivered more than I could ever have imagined, learning new methods, being truly tested and stretched and making incredible friends along the way. By the end of 10 weeks, not only was I re-energised and ready to take on the industry again, but I had fallen back in love with being an actor. I can't begin to thank Mary enough for her time, effort and energy-I've never known a more caring or invested teacher and I would recommend the class to anyone at any level in the industry."

Aislinn De'Ath - Advanced & Industry Course 

"I was a different kind of actor before I met Mary, the kind that lacked confidence. And she trusted me more than I trusted myself, because she is that type of director that sees the great things in an actor and brings them out. And cares about the craft and shares SO much. Another thing in her training is that she is blunt with you and allows no self pity; learn from it and move on. You need to give it all and not hold back in her classes. And you shouldn't, because you get to work with people you've read about in The Stage! I can only say thank you Mary, you're a force of nature!"

Olivia Negrean - Advanced & Industry Course 

"As one of the ‘original’ students of the actors class I really can’t recommend this class highly enough, it is absolutely fantastic. Monday evenings just couldn’t come soon enough each week! I gained confidence, skills and friends and I was able to get into Mountview and peruse the thing I love to do!"

Chloe Reichenbach - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 

"I can’t express enough how wonderful The Actors Class is and how truly grateful I am to have had the opportunity to train there. Having previously trained in Musical Theatre which focused heavily on singing and dancing, I have always had a passion for acting but found myself lacking confidence and the skills I needed to pursue a career as an actress. Enrolling with The Actors Class was the best decision I ever made; Mary’s incredible approach as a teacher combined with the training, opportunities and guidance she offers has allowed me to develop my skill and craft as an actress so that I can step into the industry with both knowledge and confidence. Thank you!"

Leanne Coupland - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 


"The Actor's Class is truly special!  Without a doubt, it has helped launch my acting career with skills and understanding that even drama school was unable to provide me with.  The courses are taught, in part, by Mary Doherty.  She has the most incredible eye, and through her phenomenal insight and directing pushes you further than you knew you could go.  The Actors Class - An experience and training that is really tailored to the actor.  Brilliant.  Thank you Mary."

Matthew Curnier - Intermediate, Advanced & Industry Course 


"I honestly cannot speak highly enough about the Actors Class. It was a fantastic 10 week experience that taught me more than I ever expected to learn in a short course. Despite the time limitation, Mary helped me to unlock so much about myself as an actor. She places such a focus on everyone as individuals.  Through the people she managed to get to come to the showcase, I have now been seen by many of the theatre companies and directors I would love to work with in the future. I believe this is such an important first step, and I am incredibly grateful for having been given that opportunity. When I pick up my first Oscar, Mary will definitely be in my speech as the pivotal individual in helping me to take my first proper steps into the acting industry!"

Liam Steward George - Industry Course 


"It is hard to express just how much The Actors Class has helped shape me as an Actor.  I have had training in different forms over the years, but this is the only one I would recommend to every young actor attempting to break into the industry. The chance to meet and work with top professionals from across theatre, television and film makes the inaccessible seem accessible! Mary and her team are just superb, and being a member of the Actors Class has left a lasting impression on all my artistic endeavours- join as fast as you possibly can!"

Tom Oxenham - Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced & Industry Course 


"The Actors Class is a totally unique experience. It enables you to take risks and push yourself in a safe environment. Mary instills confidence and belief and the relationships formed during The Actors Class continue long after you have left! Mary is still my go-to for all advice."

Fia Oxenham - Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced & Industry Course 


"When I graduated I moved back to London knowing I wanted to be an actress but I had no direction. I found The Actors Class on Casting Call Pro and booked it without knowing what to expect. Mary gave me the biggest welcoming smile and everyone was talented but just as scared as I was. I owe everything to Mary and the class, I feel I can finally call myself an actress and I now have the confidence and belief to go to auditions knowing I can show them something different. Mary works hard on your individual talent and gives you the confidence and knowledge you need for this industry.  To anyone feeling unsure about the next step but knows they need to act, just book in! It's genuinely the best decision I ever made."

Kate Akerman - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 


“Choosing to train with The Actors Class was the best decision I ever made. Over the 4 courses we got the opportunity to work with different Industry Professionals each week. Our Artistic Director was present and ran every class to track our progress, ensuring that we were all individually pushed out of our own comfort zones.  Each week was different, challenging and most importantly fun!"

Georgie Hull - Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced & Industry Course 

"The Actors Class taught me so much about being an well as being a business. As a teacher Mary is an encouraging, supportive, fierce female warrior who has created a wonderful resource for any actor out there."

Jennie Matthews - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Course 


"I trained with The Actors Class throughout all 4 of the Courses, from Foundation through to Industry.  This Company is a supportive, versatile, constructive and invaluable source of training. I will hold onto the skills I learnt there throughout my career - it is absolutely fantastic."

Olivia Ward - Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced & Industry Course 


"The Actors Class is an exceptional place to develop and hone your skills as an actor looking to keep active and become aware of the industry. Mary Doherty is first class and I have learnt so much from her sessions and also from the amazing masterclasses she arranged for us. It has really helped me progress as an actor and become braver in my work. You really feel like a company and there is a great sense of ensemble and togetherness that you look forward to every week."

Yasmine Khalaf - Advanced & Industry Course 


"I cannot recommend the Actors Class enough. I came to my first day ridden with nerves, not knowing what to expect. But what I discovered was a warm, welcoming environment with such a supportive atmosphere. The marvellous thing about the class is that you are not having a specific acting technique imposed on you, instead, it is like a wonderful cookbook-Each week you learn a new recipe that you can store and re-visit whenever you need to. One should never stop learning, reading, or doing. This is why the classes were so helpful to me.  From professional actors in the industry, to those just getting started- I cannot recommend the class enough.  Thank you Mary for everything! "

Nicole Zweiback - Advanced & Industry Course 


"After the first hour, of the first course, I knew I had found what I was looking for. A high energy, fast paced course, jam packed with tonnes of information. Despite the fact that it was a mixed age group with a variety of levels and experience, we were all there for the same reason; to learn.  With advice and encouragement, Mary really made you want to succeed; not just in the classes, but in your career as a whole.  I not only did the Foundation Course, but stayed on through to the Intermediate, Advanced and the Industry Courses-40 weeks of non-stop learning, acting, fun and knowledge all culminating in one nerve ridden, excitement filled West End Showcase.  This is a Course I highly recommend to any actor. Whether it is a one off 10 week course, or like me you are drawn into the full 40 weeks, this is a Course not to be missed.”

Caitlin Amy - Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced & Industry Course 


"I don’t think I have met another The Actor’s Class student where, after realising we are both in this family, haven’t proceeded to lift our hands, smile and sigh ‘Mary!’ in the same admiration. The Actor’s Class is life-changing. These indispensable classes are where I really felt that every class was tailored to me and everyone in the room with me, which is testament to the amount of work and thought that goes on behind the scenes. Feedback was never general, Mary’s razor-sharp attentiveness to her students is so present in the class; you can always see her so focused on who was performing, her mind flowing with gold-dust ideas and exercises of how to push, challenge, ignite, catalyse and inspire. And this was not just exciting for yourself! You watch your fellow passionate creatives, here to grow and learn, do exactly that and you learn from them too. The room itself is created to be a safe space for you to take risks without judgement, and these risks are actively encouraged. The supportive network Mary distills into The Actor’s Class is what makes it so special. 'Be brave and bold' is the slogan. Mary gives you the keys to take control of the room you are in whether it be an audition room, rehearsal space or theatre to make fearless and exciting choices, leave the room proud of what you have done, and most importantly, equips you with the confidence to do all of this. Mary brings in exciting practitioners to work with you as well, all of which you can’t really believe you are in a room with - just to expose you to these names and give you the chance to learn from these brilliant minds. With this in mind, Mary’s knowledge of the industry is ever-flowing and she really makes sure you know and understand it too so that you can be actively seeking opportunities for yourself. Once you have completed all of the classes Mary’s work doesn’t stop there - The Actor’s Class Gym and Alumni Workshops are there to keep exercising these muscles which is what acting is about, you can never stop learning.  If you’re just starting out but are dedicated to this profession - sign up to The Actor’s Class. If you’ve been doing this for ages - sign up to The Actor’s Class. If you’re somewhere in between -... you get the idea! Mary is a teacher, mentor, guru, inspiration. I can’t be grateful enough to have been recommended these incredible classes and to have met and been a student of the one and only, Mary Doherty. I tell you, I’m waiting for her Acting Theory book to come out. Now, what are you doing still reading these…?! Sign up!"

Lizzie Manwaring - Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Courses 

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