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How do I apply?  

To Apply: Please Email your Spotlight Link or Cv and Headshot with cover letter on why you would like to join us.  If you don't have any Showreel footage, we would love you to film a 2 min Contemporary Monologue (from a play) & send it over as a Self Tape. (We Transfer/Vimeo/You Tube all fine) Thank you, we really appreciate your time. 

Please send to Mary:

Please mention if you know any Actors who are training with us currently or who are in our Alumni.

How do you choose which Course is right for me?

Many factors go into choosing which Course is the right fit for an Actor, Inc: 

Whether they have trained with us before and are returning, Spotlight/Cv, Credits/Experience, Agent Representation, Training, Matching the Actor to the group.

What are the different Courses that you run? 

We offer the following Courses: 

Foundation, Intermediate, & Advanced.

Although these do not run every 10 Weeks all year round.  

We also run an Industry Course with West End Showcase once a year, this is only open to our Alumni who have already trained with us & have completed the Advanced Course. 

Keep your eye out for updates on Twitter/Instagram and the Course Details page for future Course information.

Is the Foundation Course Basic? 

Our Foundation Course is by no means basic in any way.  All our Courses train at a Professional level - They just include different content.  Foundation is the Course where most Actors start their training with us.   

To give you an idea of the level we train at, recent Guest Tutors have included:

Alex Thorpe: Director at The RSC for the 2016 Summer Season

Charlotte Bevan: Associate Casting Director at The National Theatre

Matilda James: Head of Casting at Shakespeare's Globe

Hannah Miller: Head of Casting at The RSC.

Can I apply to join the Industry Course with Showcase straight away? 

Our Actors train with us first and have to have at least completed the Advanced Course, once in our Alumni you will then be invited to audition for the Industry Course with Showcase.

How many Actors per class? 

There are a max of 12 Actors per class.

Can I come and watch a class to see what it's like before I join up?

I'm afraid not, we keep a closed rehearsal room for our students training with us, so that it becomes a very safe environment in which to work.

Is there a Payment Plan?

Yes there is a 2 instalment Payment Plan for all students. First instalment due 2 weeks before course starts, second instalment due week 5 of course. 

Looking at the dates for the upcoming Course, if I know I'll miss a couple/a few classes, can I still join?

Attending the first session and Industry/Business Meeting is non-negotiable.  After that, we can work around you missing up to 2 out of the 10 Classes, but you would still have to pay for the full Course.  Missing anymore than 2 means you wouldn't be getting the most out of the Course and should look to joining in the future.

I was told I would be offered a place on one of your Courses in the near future, I didn't manage to get a place for the recent classes as there was a long waiting list, do I have to apply again? 

No, you don't have to apply again.  If we have emailed you back after your application saying that we'd like to work with you, rest assured that we will keep your details on file for future Courses and we'll be in touch as soon as a place arises!

However, if we do not have a Self Tape Monologue on file for you, then please do send this in. 

Do I have to be over 18 to apply and train with you? 

Yes, we only train Actors over the age of 18.

Is there an Age Limit on who can apply to train with you? 

Yes, as of January 2023, the age limit of Actors that train with us will be 35. 

What's the difference between being a Member/Alumni or in the Company?  

Member: If you are training currently or have completed our Advanced or Industry Courses you are a Member.

Alumni: If you have completed our Advanced Course you will then go into our Alumni

Company: If you have completed our Industry Course with Showcase you are then a Member of The Actors Class Company.

How can I keep up to date with your news?

The best way of keeping up to date with us is by following us on Social Media, Twitter or Instagram - both @theactorsclass and checking this website for Course and News updates.

Do you offer one off Workshops or Private Classes?

We only offer one off Workshops to our Alumni and only offer Private Classes to current students and Alumni.

Once a Member of The Actors Class, do you offer any Industry discounts?

We work with a number of Headshot Photographers, Showreel & Voicereel Company's who provide great discounts to Actors Class Members. 

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