Spotlight View Pin: 9518-7839-0680

Mobile: 07539 698623


Height: 5’11  Hair: Brown  Eyes: Blue

Playing Age: 25 – 35 years 


The Actors Class: Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced & Industry

Brunel University BA Theatre (Hons) 2011-2014


2018: Joseph Garcin, NO EXIT, Etcetera Theatre, Dir. Anna Pett

2018: Nanki-Poo (Tenor), THE MIKADO, Camberley Theatre, Dir. Duncan Hamilton

2018: Oberon/Theseus, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, St Leonard’s Hill Ruin, Dir. Pam Gibbons

2017: James, COLDER WATER, Theatre N16, Dir. Celine Sophie

2017: David, GHOSTLY FOOTSTEPS, Kardelton House (Windsor Fringe), Dir. Sara Howells

2017: Tony/Alastair (Producer), TALKABOUT, Riant Theatre (Off-Broadway, New York), Infirmary Street (Edinburgh Fringe) Rosemary Branch Theatre, Dir. George Coates

2016: Busker/Bus Driver, TERMINAL 5, Etcetera Theatre (Camden Fringe), Dir. Emma Chapman

2014: Trucker (Tenor), (NOT ENTIRELY) WORKING, The Artaud Theatre, Dir. Broderick Chow

2013: Captain Tock, THE FASTEST CLOCK IN THE UNIVERSE, The Old Court, Dir. Jonathan Patton

2012: Solicitor, A DREAM PLAY, The Artaud Theatre, Dir. Jo Machon



2018: Short Film, Timpson, LAST CHANCERS, Dir. Ben Kyprianidis
2018: Short Film, Steve, NIGHT SHADOWS, Dir. Phil Stubbs
2017: Short Film, Boy 2, THE LOVE TRIANGLE, Dir. Katerina Konstantopolou
2017: Short Film, Customer, ALAN, Dir. Jr Catipon



2018: Radio Host, SUNNY SIDE UP, Etcetera Theatre, Dir. George Coates

2016: Squirrel Napkin, LITTLE PIGS, Puppet show, Dir. Rachel Cash

2015: Narrator/Squirrel Napkin/Squirrelettes, LITTLE RED, Puppet show, Dir. Rachel Cash



Accents: RP*, Cockney, West London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Newcastle, North Yorkshire, Liverpool, Generic American, Southern American, West Country

Music: Tenor, Guitarist

Other: Car Driving Licence, DBS,